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About Newave Medical

Dr Vinesh Singh is an Integrative General Practitioner who completed his medical degree and postgraduate GP training in the UK before recently immigrating to Australia. He has worked in General practice for 15 years both in Australia and the UK.
Over the years, working in multiple standard GP clinics, he has found it very challenging to deal with or manage chronic disease and practice preventative medicine within the constraints of short appointment times.  
Dr Singh is passionate about addressing all aspects of a patient’s health and emphasises lifestyle change as a means of treating and preventing disease.
Preventing and managing chronic disease requires time to listen to (and address) a patient’s concerns, explore their own beliefs about their health, and then incorporate these into a management plan that is realistic for them.
There has been much emphasis on a “one size fits all” approach when it comes to caring for patients. We are all unique and therefore every one of us will need a different approach to our health problems depending on the nature of the health problem but also depending on where a person currently stands in terms of their life circumstances whether that be work, home life or otherwise. Dr Singh feels that all of these aspects of a person’s life need to be considered when treating patients and his aim is to provide fully personalised care and to move way from applying set protocols to all patients.

What is an Integrative GP

The aim of an Integrative GP is to look at a patient as a whole and look at root causes of poor health, as opposed to focusing on specific symptoms. All aspects of a patients health are considered including nutrition, activity levels, sleep, stress, digestive health, emotional health and other environmental factors. The aim of the service is to improve all of these areas, enabling a patient to achieve optimal health. Many of us think that we do these basics well but in reality there are always improvements that we can make when it comes to our health.
Treatment of all problems will revolve heavily around the basics of good nutrition, appropriate exercise and patient education.
Education will focus around the fact that most diseases have the same fundamental upstream causes and can be traced back to one or more of these
Patient education will empower patients to take responsibility for their own health and better enable them to live longer and healthier lives without having to access healthcare on a regular basis.
Doing the basics well (good nutrition and regular appropriate exercise, less stress and good sleep) are the hallmarks of optimal health and many patients often become side-tracked into seeking quick or temporary fixes to their problems. Newave seeks to help you avoid the temptation to seek quick fixes, take the longer road, but get the bigger long term win when it comes to health and longevity.


All initial appointments will last for at least one hour. This will involve a thorough discussion of your medical history, relevant examination and discussion about any additional testing that is necessary. If you have any previous medical records (blood test reports, imaging reports etc.) that may be relevant then you are encouraged to bring copies of these to the initial consultation.
The second appointment will also last for at least one hour and will involve discussion of the results of any testing that has been requested and a full discussion about the initial treatment plan, goal setting and arrangements for follow up.
Appointments are offered as follows
Initial consult up to 75 mins
Initial consult up to 60 mins
Second consult up to 60 mins
Follow up consultations
 Up to 45 mins
 Up to 30 mins
30 mins is the minimum consultation fee charged even if the consultation lasts for less time.


You may be asked to undertake various testing during the treatment process.
The testing offered may include the following
Routine and more detailed blood and urine testing
Imaging (eg. x ray, CT, MRI, Ultrasound)
These tests are standard tests from which provisional diagnoses may be made or problems identified
Some of these tests may be covered by medicare depending on the nature of your case but there are some tests that will be privately billed. This will need to be discussed with the doctor at the time of the consultation
Other testing may include
Gastrointestinal testing- Comprehensive stool analysis
Hormone testing
Metabolic/functional testing
Nutritional profiles (including hair analysis)
Food sensitivity testing
Genomic testing
ALL of these additional tests are PRIVATELY BILLED and the cost fully carried by a patient.
It is important to note that these tests are supplementary and are not used to make a diagnosis but instead to better inform or set a basis for a discussion about how to best go about lifestyle change and improve symptoms.
The extra testing performed will be decided upon and discussed with you based on your individual needs and you may not need all or any of these tests.


The doctor may refer you to a specialist as an initial measure if it is felt that you have a health problem that needs more immediate attention. Once this problem has been resolved, your care will be continued with the original goals in mind.

Consultation fees

Please leave an enquiry for further information about consultation fees.
Appointment cancellations without 24 hours notice will incur a fee of 50% of the consult fee.


We understand that there are times where you may already be seeing other therapists and other times where you may require additional help from other therapists. The doctor is happy to work together with other therapists to achieve the best possible outcome for you. However, if you are seeing multiple therapists we do require that we are kept fully informed of any developments in your case.  We will not be able to accept any responsibility should you wish to change or stop any part of the treatment plan we arrange for you without being informed by you or any other therapist with whom you are consulting.

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