A Short Exercise

A Short Exercise

Get hold of a piece of paper and a pen, or if you like, open up a notebook on your computer or your phone. Make a list of the top 5 priorities in your life at this moment in time. Try to be ruthlessly honest with yourself. Compile  the list in descending order of importance where number  one is the most important priority in your life. 

Now take a few moments and have a look at the list again. Have any of you listed your health as your number one priority ?

If you did list your health at the number one position I would then like you to write another list of the things that you currently do to show that you are actively prioritizing your health ?

Many of us perceive ourselves to be healthy individuals, but despite this perception of health, the hard truth is that we are not proactively doing anything  to maintain good health. A proportion of us may be walking around with the early stages of disease without even realising. At first we do not feel any symptoms but gradually, as the years pass we may start to experience symptoms of disease and then at some point, all of a sudden, we may  suffer from an adverse health event or simply be labelled with a diagnosis of chronic disease.

The good news is that, much of the time, chronic disease is entirely preventable, if we make sure we are doing the basics well in terms of our own health, from an early age, even as early as our teens and twenties.

Healthcare in the future will need to focus more on maintaining good health rather than sitting back and waiting for  disease to happen, but  this all starts with us making our health the number one priority in our lives. After all, if we do not have our health, we may not be able to fully enjoy the other important parts of our lives.

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