Hello everybody and welcome to Newave Medical!

The main focus of this website and the service is to help people understand the importance of disease prevention, positive lifestyle change and maintaining a good quality of life for as long as possible into old age. The service can also help people navigate their way out of chronic illness and back on a road towards optimal health.

We are an ageing population and this alone is going to present some very different challenges as we move through the next few decades. Chronic ill health in old age is fast becoming an epidemic and the economic consequences of this epidemic are starting to be felt worldwide, especially in more developed countries. Over the next few decades we may have to start thinking very differently about how we approach and prioritise our health.

Although life expectancy has increased, many of us are spending up to two decades of this increased lifespan with a very poor quality of life, highly dependent on others and an economic drain on resources.

Newave Medical has been created to help educate and empower people to take control of their health from a young age so that they achieve not only longevity, but a good quality of life as close to the end of life as possible.

I hope you enjoy navigating the site and engaging with the services available.

Feel free to check in over the coming weeks and months for more posts and general information

Stay healthy !

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