What is Health ?

What is Health?


We often make the statement “I am healthy” but when we make this statement, what are we basing this statement on?
Usually we base it on the following principles

  1. I’m healthy because I have not been diagnosed with a disease
  2. I’m healthy because I do not have any symptoms
  3. I’m healthy because I am a “healthy” weight
  4. I’m healthy because I exercise regularly
  5. I’m healthy because I eat healthily

However, by simply making the statement this is only an assumption about our health based on subjective opinion. Everyone’s idea of health will be different based on their own personal experiences.
At Newave, we look to be able to more objectively demonstrate (as far as current medicine allows) how healthy you are in reality, as opposed to how healthy you perceive yourself to be.  
Disease states do not just appear overnight by random chance. Most of the time the body has gone on a long journey before it starts to show symptoms and develop disease. There can be a long period of time between good health and the onset of symptoms of disease and there is plenty of opportunity during this time to see where you are with your health and make simple changes that can arrest and sometimes reverse the disease process.
Often disease results from years of poor health practices such as poor diet., lack of exercise, poor sleep and stress and the combination of less favourable genetics with these poor lifestyle choices.

The Problem

Statistics have continuously shown that we are an ageing population and that increasingly, a greater proportion of the population are going to be over 50 years of age. It stands to reason that as this transition occurs, the percentage of the workforce who are in this age category will also need to increase. We will need to take steps to make sure that we are as healthy as possible for as long as possible so that we are able to continue to function in the workplace as well as in other aspects of our daily lives. We also need to make sure that the latter years of our lives are spent enjoying a good quality of life. Some of us will spend the last 10-20 years of our lives living a very poor quality of life, often in the confines of a Nursing or Residential Home with multiple levels of physical or mental impairment and disability.   

What we do

The aim of this service is to guide you on a journey to optimal health. For some of us this may simply involve making small improvements to our existing level of health. For others, this may involve managing a crisis situation or chronic illness to begin with before then going on to maintain a state of good health.
The ultimate aim is to live as healthy a life as possible for as long as possible and have a high quality of life into old age.

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