Dr Singh’s aim is to guide you through your journey to optimal health. For some of us this may simply involve making small improvements to our existing level of health. For others, it may involve managing a crisis situation or chronic illness to begin with before moving on to maintaining a state of good health.

First appointment

Your initial assessment is ideal for those who:

  • Have a single or number of short or long-term health issues
  • Experience chronic complex health issues
  • Suffering from unexplained symptoms
  • Seeking a second opinion
  • Keen to optimise your health and to become the healthiest version of yourself

The types of health conditions commonly treated by Dr Singh include digestive conditions, chronic disease, weight management, men’s/women’s health, sleep conditions and nutrition. This list is not exhaustive! You are welcome to discuss any health issues during your Initial Assessment (within Dr Singh’s scope of practice). See the Services page of this website for more information on health conditions treated.

Your first appointment will involve a comprehensive initial assessment of your current health issues. The focus will be on a discussion on how best we can detect and treat the root causes of your health issues.

Dr Singh utilises a combination of complementary and traditional mainstream medicine principles. The overall approach will be as holistic as possible, taking into consideration digestive and hormonal health as well as nutrition, exercise and lifestyle factors.

You can learn more about Dr Singh’s philosophy here.

  • 90-minute face to face or video conference appointment with Dr Singh
  • A full health history will be taken, including information about any recent relevant examinations
  • An in-depth discussion of your health goals and concerns
  • Possible reasons/causes of health issues
  • Discussion of possible diagnostic testing options to further evaluate your health condition
  • Basic initial suggestions for progressing your health journey where appropriate
  • 90 minute initial assessment: $450

(50% at the time of booking, 50% at the time of your appointment)

Please note, there is no Medicare or private health insurance rebate available.

The cost of testing is separate to the consultant fees and on average may vary between $500 – $1,500. In exceptional cases these costs may vary. No tests will be ordered until you have discussed and agreed these fees with Dr Singh. 

There is no obligation to proceed beyond this appointment, however, if you would like to continue your health journey based on the information provided, you will need to inform Dr Singh of your decision.

Second appointment

This appointment involves a detailed analysis of all of your test results and the formulation of a bespoke short and long-term treatment plan.

  • 90 minute face to face or video conference appointment with Dr Singh
  • Comprehensive appointment taking you through your test results, including a full discussion of your initial treatment plan, goal setting and arrangements for follow up appointments
  • Dr Singh will share and contextualise your test results in detail, explaining clearly the possible root causes for your symptoms and/or conditions
  • Your treatment plan may include recommendations regarding food, supplementation, exercise and other lifestyle activities
  • Mainstream medical treatments (e.g. pharmaceutical medication) and if necessary, referrals to other specialists, will also be considered
  • 90 minutes: $450

Payable on the day. Please note, there is no Medicare or private health insurance rebate available.

The cost of supplementation is separate to the consultation fees and on average may vary between $200 – $500 per month. In exceptional cases these costs may vary. No supplementation will be ordered until you have agreed to these fees. 

Follow Up

A check-in appointment with Dr Singh for you to ask any questions and to adjust your health plan if necessary. Consecutive follow up appointments are recommended to maintain, retest and adjust where needed.

  • 30 minute face to face or video conference appointment with Dr Singh
  • Discussion of your progress
  • Troubleshoot any issues you are experiencing with your health plan
  • Possible repeat testing that may be required
  • No Medicare or Private Health rebate available
  • $150 (including GST)
  • Payable on the day