Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dr Singh a registered GP?

Yes, Dr Singh is a registered GP who originally qualified in the United Kingdom and has been practicing medicine for 20 years.  Dr Singh’s qualifications and registrations include:

  • Bachelor of Medicine, St George’s Hospital University 2001
  • Member of Royal College of General Practitioners UK 2008
  • Fellow of Royal College of Australian General Practitioners
  • Diploma of Nutrition 2019
  • Certified with Australasian Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine
  • Registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency

To learn more about Dr Singh and his background, see the website.

What type of conditions does Dr Singh treat?

Dr Singh can help with the following health conditions using a combination of integrative and traditional mainstream medicine principles. The overall approach will be as holistic as possible, taking into consideration digestive and hormonal health as well as nutrition, exercise and lifestyle factors.

  • Digestive conditions
  • Chronic disease
  • Weight management
  • Men’s health
  • Women’s health
  • Sleep conditions
  • Nutrition

For more details regarding these health conditions, see the Service’s section on the website.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive and will vary from person to person. You are welcome to discuss any health issues during your First Appointment (within Dr Singh’s scope of practice).

For further information, please book a complementary 15-minute Discovery Call with Newave Medical’s Practice Manager.

I have unexplained symptoms without a diagnosis, can Dr Singh assist?

Dr Singh uses a wide range of comprehensive testing which can often improve the chances of identifying the root cause/s of your health issues. For further information about the types of testing available, please book a complementary 15-minute Discovery Call with Newave Medical’s Practice Manager.

How are the appointments structured?

Please see the Appointments page on the Newave Medical website for full details.

What happens after my First Appointment?

After your first appointment, you will receive Testing Recommendations (Recommendations) via email based on your discussion with Dr Singh during your First Appointment.

ACTION - You will be asked to carefully review and consider these Recommendations prior to informing Dr Singh of your decision whether you wish to proceed with the testing.

Please note, there is no obligation to proceed beyond the Recommendations to testing. Although, we ask that you inform Dr Singh of your decision whichever way you elect to proceed so he is aware of the outcome and we can correctly update your patient notes.

How long does the testing process take (if I decide to proceed)?

It varies depending on the tests you have agreed to complete. Some tests can be completed at home and posted while others require you to go into a pathology centre or lab. Once you have completed your tests, your results can take between 4 – 6 weeks to be returned to Dr Singh.

What happens when the test results are in?

Depending on the outcome of your test results, Dr Singh may prescribe an individualised treatment to you, known as a protocol (Protocol).

What factors can have an impact on the success of my treatment?

As you can imagine, success of your Protocol depends on numerous factors, including your dedication, desire and motivation.

It also depends on honest disclosure of any prior existing medical conditions; prescribed medications; supplements and complementary therapies; commitment to any prescribed health plans and your chosen compounding pharmacist/supplement provider.

Many of us are accustomed to attending a health practitioner with the expectation of receiving an instant fix for a health problem. The reality of recovering from chronic disease and achieving optimal health is that it may not be achieved in a day, a week, a month or even a year. It is a constant lifelong process of learning, monitoring, adjustment and improvement and requires dedication, patience and commitment.

Dr Singh is here to help support you make incremental changes to your lifestyle to become a healthier you.

However, due to the variation of the factors described above, there are no guarantees about the length of time and/ or the success of any Protocol.

Do I have to change my diet?

Dr Singh often incorporates tailored nutritional recommendations to suit each individual and their current state of health. These are based on a number of factors, including their test results and anecdotal feedback shared by the patient.

While you are not required to strictly follow the suggested nutritional advice, in general (and subject to our disclaimer below), Dr Singh has observed that patients he has treated in the past who approach their health with the aim of improving multiple areas of their lifestyle over time, including what they eat, have generally managed to make significant and lasting improvements to their health more so than those who did not change multiple areas of their lifestyle.

Does Dr Singh prescribe pharmaceutical medication?

Yes – when necessary and/or appropriate pharmaceutical medications may be considered as one of the treatment options, however this will usually be combined with other treatment approaches, including vitamins and minerals, herbal treatments and also recommendations for managing stress and improving nutrition and sleep.

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