The approach

Know your starting point

Knowing what you need to do to get your health back on track starts with knowing your current state of health.

Dr Singh uses the latest comprehensive diagnostic testing to identify your current health status, as well as identify the root causes of your health issues.

A personalised plan for you

The collection of comprehensive data allows Dr Singh to develop a fully personalised health plan that is tailored specifically to your health needs, while also taking into account your current life circumstances.

Dr Singh understands there is no one size fits all approach when it comes to health and that everyone needs a realistic personalised health plan they can stick to.

Ongoing support and accountability

Your life and health circumstances are constantly changing over time and for this reason your health plan may need regular monitoring and adjustment. Regular follow up encourages high levels of accountability and will maximise your chances of sticking to a plan.

Optimal health requires a long-term commitment, responsibility and prioritisation of your health. It is easy to become side-tracked into seeking quick or temporary fixes to your health problems, but Dr Singh is committed to helping you avoid this temptation, while supporting you on your individual health journey.

Read more about Dr Singh’s appointment structure and what to expect when you see him.

General Disclaimer

Individual conditions vary from person to person and no action, supplement or advice is suitable for every person or in every circumstance.  Newave Medical does not guarantee and makes no express or implied warranties as to any specific results.  Your results will depend on many factors, including honest disclosure of any prior existing medical conditions and prescribed medications, commitment to any prescribed health plans, individual lifestyle choices, dedication, desire, and motivation.